Canpro is a team of Canadians dedicated to empowering organizations with advanced technology that competes globally.
Our fully distributed work force has team members in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

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We’ll setup adept Agile methodology in strategies, designs, development, and management to increase efficiency. Collaborate with us real-time.

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Professional agile, practiced, & extended remote teams that respond rapidly. We provide dedicated developers, seamless implementation, & client collaboration.

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With our managed projects model, we fully handle your requirements and deliver solutions. We house specialists in the holistic tech stack.

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Custom AI

AI software brings unlimited opportunities and a fair amount of complexity when you’re building a custom solution. Our team makes your life easy by providing you the right guidance and solution, using best fit and cost-effective purpose-built AI software and ML algorithms and tools.

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azure AI
and ML

We help you build the best AI solutions using Azure AI solutions such as Azure AI Services, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure ML, and Azure Cloud for AI. With our years of experience with Azure, we can assure that you’ll get the solution you have envisioned.

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best value
& response

We make a solemn promise to all our clients to deliver value. We aim to exceed your expectations. Our highly responsive Project & Relationship Managers keep you informed about the progress of your project and ensure that you are always satisfied.

Our services

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web applications

CanPro works with an extensive range of technologies to implement various functionalities and features. We see a bigger picture and craft secure and scalable application architecture that supports your business model. We are well acquainted with modern agile development methodologies and know how to deliver an MVP quickly and cost-effectively. We launch projects and scale teams according to the needs of the client.

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mobile development

Our comprehensive mobile app development process can take you from an idea all the way through to implementation & management. We handle cross platform solutions, UX, consumer oriented apps, android, IOS, and enterprise- level solutions .

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Building online stores that stand out. We create clean and seamless shopping experience that showcases your brand identity, keeps customers engaged, and boost sales. Strong e-commerce development expertise, Industry-leading technologies, and creative approaches.

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Data & Analytics

Gathering important data from different sources and processing it into fresh analytics, reports, and dashboards is important for every application. Building solutions that empower data-driven decision-making processes is always our goal.