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Canpro is a team of Canadians dedicated to empowering organizations with advanced technology that competes globally.
Our fully distributed work force has team members in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

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We’ll setup adept Agile methodology in strategies, designs, development, and management to increase efficiency. Collaborate with us real-time.

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Professional agile, practiced, & extended remote teams that respond rapidly. We provide dedicated developers, seamless implementation, & client collaboration.

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With our managed projects model, we fully handle your requirements and deliver solutions. We house specialists in the holistic tech stack.

Our solutions

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Supercharge your hiring process with refsavvy, the automated online reference checking tool that empowers you to make informed decisions, secure the best candidates, and build a dream team for your organization's success. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a better hiring experience!

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The best verification features in one comprehensive solution that is uniquely tailored to the Canadian market. Leaning on decades of experience in building and maintaining verification systems and processes, try Canada’s newest and strongest screening platform.

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NorthChat combines the best features of leading chatbot platforms into one comprehensive solution that is uniquely tailored to the Canadian market. It not only understands and respects Canada's linguistic and cultural diversity but also complies with the country's strict data protection regulations.

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north ats

Looking for the best ATS platform in Canada that effortlessly streamlines your HR processes, enhances candidate experiences, and elevates your recruitment game to new heights? With strengths of renowned ATS global platforms, NorthATS provides Canadian organizations with a solution that meets their needs.

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